Native Grasses

Asked September 2, 2016, 1:27 PM EDT

Hello! We just moved to Dubois from Arizona. We would like to plant native grass. I have seen Buffalo Grass and Blue Grama as possibilities. There may be others that we are not aware of, as well. What is your recommendation?

Fremont County Wyoming

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It would depend some on what type of site you are talking about. Elevation, aspect, soils, water, etc.

Could you send me some pictures and additional info on the site?

I have attached a couple of pictures of our property. This is at just below 7000 feet. Soil is fine and clay-like. We are arid here as well.

Thank you!

I would probably be thinking about blue bunch wheatgrass, needle and thread grass, and indian rice grass. If it's going to be grazed you may want to skip the needle and thread.

I'm a big fan of finding out what all is already growing on the site and going from there though. I would also stick with cool season grasses.

Can you take some up close photos of the grasses that are there? Showing the seed head?


Is there going to be grazing on this property? Any other uses?

No, we are just looking to reseed natural grass to overcome the Russian Thistle problem that developed during construction over the last several years. I have resorted to a pick axe to rid the disturbed areas of the thistle. We are hoping the natural grasses will win the war once we seed the area.
We will also plant some landscape grass eventually for our dog to romp in. And, shrubs, flowers and trees that will do well in this Zone.

Sounds good. Perennial grasses are a great strategy against weeds. With bunchgrass you'll always have "bare" spaces between the plants. Healthy stands though will have their roots underground in those interspaces that will help keep out weeds.

This is a great resource for seeding, species, and managing grass stands.

Thank you! This is very helpful!