Linden tree health

Asked September 2, 2016, 7:25 AM EDT

My 30 year old Linden has some wilting and brownish leaves . For the most part, the leaves are green but the tree does not seem as healthy. I've noticed other Lindens that are completely brown. Is there a fungus or other disease that is affecting my tree? Any treatment?

Ramsey County Minnesota

1 Response

There are many things that can affect your tree and additional information or observations are needed to help you. I'd recommend starting by looking at the university of MN website below which lists common problems for lindens. It describes problems with different parts of the tree and it will help to take a closer look at your tree. Additionally, you could consider having a certified arborist look at your tree. They would be able to evaluate the whole situation and help make recommendations should any treatment be necessary. Some cities have arborists or foresters on staff that can help individual homeowners or you may need to contact a local company with an arborist on staff. See below for information about hiring an arborist.