Cedar tree dying

Asked September 1, 2016, 3:36 PM EDT

What causes large pieces of the cedar to break off? They are still green with berries.we have been here 18 years and this is new.

Marshall County Kentucky

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I don't really have enough information to determine the cause but do you live in Marshall County Kentucky?

The cedar has borer holes in it.. Could this cause the clumps to look as if they have been bit of? . The tree is looking pretty bare on the branches.

Yes we do live in Marshall County on Fort Leisure Trail.

It doesn't sound like the tree is in good health. Borers rarely move into a healthy tree. Most of the time the tree is already on the decline before bugs move in.

It sound like the tree has more than one issue. Does this help?

We felt the tree was in trouble when we found the holes. Not sure if it is borers since the holes see to go in a row. But definitely something has invaded the tree. So would you suggest removal of the tree or is there something we can do to save it.

if the holes are in a perfectly straight horizontal line then that probably isn't borers, its probably yellow bellied sap suck damage. See the image attached or google it and a bunch of pictures will pop up.

If its the bird then, the tree might not be in as bad of shape as i predicted.

I can come take a look at the tree and see if it needs to be cut. I can't make that decision without seeing all of what is going on.

Please call the office and we can schedule a home visit to check it out.