Cinch Bugs or Chemical damage of lawn?

Asked September 1, 2016, 10:35 AM EDT

Good morning. Extensive patches of our lawn are dead, throughout the property, and we are trying to determine if it is due to cinch bugs or chemical burn. Fertilizer was applied in mid-July just prior to the heat wave this summer just six weeks after a chemical treatment. We cannot find any visual evidence of cinch bugs. What do we look for and how do we examine the lawn to determine if we have a bug problem or not? Thank you Rob

Dauphin County Pennsylvania lawns and turf

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Typically if it is insect damage you would be able to grab ahold of the dead area and rip up an area easily. You should see grubs that have eaten the plant at soil level or see remains from the hatch from larvae to adult. This summer I have seen a lot of insect and disease damage at the same time.