Moving from NC to TN

Asked August 31, 2016, 7:57 PM EDT

I have some Lenten Rose and Balloon flowers that I would like to take with me when we move in a couple of months. Can I do this with these flowers? Can they dry out or should I bag them and plant as soon as we arrive at our new home?

Warren County North Carolina

1 Response

Are you moving to a new state? If so, I recommend you contact the Department of Agriculture in your destination state to inquire about any applicable regulations regarding bringing in plant material. You certainly would not want to accidentally introduce a new pest, weed, or plant disease.

That being said, lenten rose should transplant easily. I would pot it up and then replant once you arrive at the new location. If you keep the potting mix watered, there should be no hurry in replanting it. You might even be able to move it bare-root if you pack the roots in some type of moist material (shredded newspaper?) and replant it in within a couple of days.

I'm less certain about the balloon flower, but I would think it could also be potted up and moved.