Blight on tree, vine, rose, perennial plants

Asked August 31, 2016, 3:05 PM EDT

What is the blight that is affecting plants in the Denver area this summer? People in various areas of Denver are experiencing blighted plants. I am spraying my plants according to directions with Bayer Advanced Disease Control. The product does seem to control the blight, but it certainly does not do away with it. Will winter destroy the blight? I have never before seen this problem in my yard in the 45 years I have owned the property. Thank you for your attention to this message. AWL South City Park Neighborhood

Denver County Colorado

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Crabapple, apple, and other trees are being affected by fire blight which is a contagious disease and should be handled carefully. Roses and vines could have another blight but need to look at it to determine it. If you could send in pictures or take a sample to the extension office they could identify it specifically. There is a PlantTalk 1411 that discusses fire blight on trees.

Winter does not destroy the virus nor does spraying it on the tree. It has to be removed and then eventually will die. Destroy the debris and clean garden tools

The blight on the roses can be viral or bacterial and without seeing it - it is hard to say best way to address the issue. There is a PlantTalk for that

The main cause has been lots of moisture and heat this summer.

Hope this helps