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Asked August 31, 2016, 12:46 PM EDT

Do have the name and phone number of nurseries that sell native/wild dogwoods? We've live in our current home for 35 years. The a couple of the many native/wild dogwoods that lined the backyard have died of old age. The remaining ones are now up to 40' in height and probably nearing the time when they will die off. I'd like to initiate a replacement program by planting new well established dogwoods at least 4' feet high. I've found most local nurseries don't have real native/wild dogwoods. The one's I have purchased at nurseries are growing fine but do not have the "character" of the native/wild ones. I live in Timonium, MD.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Please take a look at this page from the Maryland Native Plant Society: which lists native plant nurseries.
There are several native plant sales in our area each year, so keep an eye on this page for announcements.

Here is our information on native plants which you may enjoy: