River bank erosion protection

Asked August 31, 2016, 10:45 AM EDT

I live along the Wapsipinicon River in Linn County Iowa. Over the 7 years, more and more of our river bank has eroded due to flooding. Wildlife habitat is shrinking and long standing trees have died and fallen in to the river. Can rip rap be placed in the critical areas to prevent further erosion?

Linn County Iowa

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Good afternoon.

Rip rap is one answer, but there are more natural revetment options; like staking cut eastern redcedar trees in the eroded areas (a good use of an invasive species) while you plant trees for the long haul. Here is a link to a the Missouri Department of Conservation's website on this:


Also, I believe your Iowa Division of Forestry can help you better than I. Here is a link to your District forester:


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