Hello, I have a few oak trees that are over 100 years old in my yard in...

Asked August 31, 2016, 8:57 AM EDT

Hello, I have a few oak trees that are over 100 years old in my yard in Marion. Two of them are growing an off white hard fungus around them. Is there something that I can do to stop this growth? Is it harmful to my trees and maybe killing them? Thanks so much for your help. I am including a picture. Kathleen Brammer

Marion County Ohio

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I thank you for your question and I would say your concern is warranted. Growth of conk-like "fruited" bodies at the base of a tree is usually a sign that something is going on related to the root health of your tree. You say your trees are over a hundred years old and root related diseases can be especially serious in large, mature trees. In some cases root disease can lead to the sudden falling over of an otherwise healthy looking tree. My recommendation to you is to check on-line or in your yellow pages for a local certified arborist and ask them to come out and look at your trees. You made no mention of other problems with those trees like limb death or other health problems, so the problem may be in its early stages, but it really does need to be checked out. Also, here is a link to a fact sheet on oak tree diseases from Penn State University Extension. You will notice there are a couple root related diseases covered in it:
Hopefully, there is no problem whatsoever with your century old oak trees, but getting the growth issue looked at is a smart move.