Rudbeckia - Never flowered

Asked August 30, 2016, 4:24 PM EDT

I have 2 Rudbeckia plants in my landscaping, same partial shade spot. They were planted last fall, both planted with flowers already on them. This year, One of the plants flourished with a lot of blooms, and very full foliage. The other plant has plenty foliage, but never grew flowers. Why didn't it grow flowers?

Otter Tail County Minnesota

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Thank you for the question. The rudbeckia not in bloom looks very healthy and will probably bloom next year. Perennials (plants that return each year such as Shasta daisies, yarrow, iris, chrysanthemum, rudbeckia, day lilies) often don’t bloom much or sometimes at all as first-year plants. If you’ve purchased young plants, you won’t see much bloom until year two and sometimes even year three.
That being said, your other plant has bloomed well as a first year plant. It's possible it was somewhat more mature than the other when you bought it. Sometimes plants don't flower if they've been given lots of nitrogen fertilizer-they just grow beautiful foliage. Maybe this plant got a bit more food than the other one.
Rudbeckia love full sun. Maybe the one that didn't flower gets just a bit more shade than the other. You can see that there are many possible answers and we don't know which is the right on for sure. Water both rudbeckia up until the ground freezes and see what happens next year.
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