Spreader-Stickers used with Pesticides

Asked August 29, 2016, 9:08 PM EDT

What is the difference between these two spreader-stickers, Audible 90 and LI 700? When should one be used over the other? Can each be used with the pesticide Bifenthrin when spraying tree trunks/bark?

Jo Daviess County Illinois

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I'm going to need more information from you to adequately answer this question.

First: are you a licensed pesticide applicator, or a commercial arborist/landscape maintenance person? Or are you a home gardener?

Why are you spraying bifenthrin on tree trunks? What pests are you trying to control? Why do you need the product to stick to the tree trunks?

What species of trees are you spraying?

Based on a quick Google search of labels, the Audible product showed up right away as being registered for use on trees; I haven't found a label right away of the LI 700 product that says it's for use on trees. That may answer your question right there.

If you want, you can send your answers to me by email to my address below. I may need to share some of your information with specialists on campus, depending on how much information you need.


Yes, I am a licensed pesticide applicator working at a tree health care company. I am spraying Bifenthrin on the tree trunks of Austrian Pines, White Pines, Scotts Pines and occationaily Spruce trees. There are several pests I am treating this specific application and use of Bifenthrin. The two pests getting most of the attention at the moment are the Zimmerman Pine Moth and the Sawyer Pine Beetle. The trunks of the trees aare the access points for these pests. I need the product to stick and penetrate the tree trunks to ensure the efficiency of the application to the areas tthat the pests will access and therefore come into contact with the pesticide. I know that Audible 90 and LI 700 are both used on trees, but wanted clarification on the two. I was wondering the difference between the two. And if they can be effective when used as a bark spray application like they are with a foilage spray application. And finally if both are compatible to be used with the pesticide Bifenthrin. The only difference i know between the two is that the LI 700 is also a ph buffer where the Audible 90 is not.
Thank you for your help and i am sorry for leaving out these details. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

Thank you for providing more complete information to me. I'm going to share your comments with some of the specialists on campus to see what they think. I'll then get back to you with their answers. This may take a few days, but if you don't hear from me by middle of next week, please send me an email to my address below.


I sincerely apologize for the delay in getting back to you with your question about the surfactants. I've been gathering information from various specialists. Below are some of the replies I've received:

  • The rule of thumb is follow the label. Onyx is a bifenthrin formulation that is an emulsifiable concentrate and meant to stick on long enough for borers. Same for permethrin. I don't know enough about those spreaders to comment. - Cliff Sadof, Purdue Ornamental Entomology specialist.
  • Audible 90 would appear to be mostly a surfactant to break down surface tension, so any penetration is just via making water ‘wetter’. I didn’t see anything on the Audible 90 label that mentioned treatment of tree bark. LI 700 does have some components that may allow for a little more active penetration as well as surfactant properties.

    My primary question is where does the applicator want the Bifenthrin to ultimately reside…..stuck to the exterior of the bark surface or move into the bark? A penetrant that typically includes some oil would help with movement into the bark and there are adjuvants specifically designed for helping herbicides penetrate through the bark layer to reach the inner vascular tissue. Neither of these adjuvants would be great at providing bark penetration.

    Audible 90 will not be in the next edition of the compendium. This is the first time I have EVER seen a label for a product from Exacto as they almost always just sell under private label with other companies serving as the distribution/retail arm. -- Bryan Young, Weed Science specialist

I hope this helps.