Which weed spray to use for a native grasses yard?

Asked August 29, 2016, 1:58 PM EDT

I live south of Falcon, El Paso County, Colorado and have a half acre yard. I have a lot of blue grama, buffalo grass and other grasses. I also have a lot of weeds, some of which are spikey and thorny. Will Weed-B-Gone or Weed and Feed work to kill the weeds and let the native grasses live or do I need something specialized? I've been pulling the weeds as best I can, but they are getting away from me.


El Paso County Colorado lawns and turf

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Below are links to information about weeds in lawns. Effective management of the weeds requires a positive identification of the weeds. There is also a link to information about weeds from El Paso County. This link provides pictures and would be useful in helping you identify the weeds. Be sure and read the directions on any herbicide you consider purchasing. The directions will give details on how the herbicide might affect the lawn.

Weeds in lawns -http://www.ext.colostate.edu/mg/Gardennotes/552.pdf
Fall Lawn Weed control - http://www.ext.colostate.edu/ptlk//1526.html
Blue Grama grass - http://csuturf.colostate.edu/pdffiles/Blue%20Grama%20Lawns.pdf
Weed information from El Paso County - https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/agconservation/noxious-weed-species
Buffalo grass - http://extension.colostate.edu/topic-areas/yard-garden/buffalograss-lawns-7-224/

Thanks for this information. I don't have any of the list A, B or C noxious weeds, but I do have a thistle on the watch list. Most of my weeds are pretty run-of-the-mill. Do you have a link with the most common El Paso County weeds?


After looking at pictures on the internet, I've identified the following weeds.
Prickly lettuce
Scotch and musk thistle
Cut-leaf nightshade
Tansy Aster
Blue Flax
Fringed Sagebrush
Hairy Golden Aster (maybe)
Annual Sunflower
Common Ragweed

I have alot of ragweed that I would like to get rid of most of it. I have not been able to identify the plants with prickles/stickers/thorns. I have tumbleweeds for sure. But I also have a couple of low growing plants with burs and pickers. I'll post a couple of photos soon.

Here are pictures of the sticker/picker/pokey plants,

The bottom line question -- what herbicide will kill my weeks and let the native grasses live?

By the way, is this ragweed? Sorry for so many questions.

I do not have a list of the most common weeds. Based on my experience, I believe different areas of the county have different weed issues. For example, in my neighborhood Mullein is a real problem. I do not see this weed in the list of weeds you provided. For reference purposes, I use a book, Weeds of the West, Tom Whitson. I think this book is an excellent reference. It is a bit pricey so I would recommend you go on-line and see if you can find a used copy.
I am also providing a link that gives information on weeds and favorable conditions.

You asked what herbicide can be used for your particular situation. I cannot give the name of a particular herbicide. In my first response to you, I provided links to information about Blue Grama grass and Buffalo grass lawns. There is a discussion of how to control weeds in these grasses. You will need to review this information and then start looking at the specifics on herbicide labels. I regret I cannot be more specific.

I believe the single picture you sent is a picture of ragweed. Link below provides some info on ragweed.

Thanks for your help. I've formed a plan for the spring using the resources you gave me. In the meantime, I'm pulling weeds! :)

I am a big fan of pulling weeds. No exposure to chemicals, is good exercise and more satisfying than housework. I have pulled many, many bags of weeds this past summer. I have pulled mullein, thistle, red stem pig weed, prickly lettuce and giant ragweed. Some of our native weeds are good pollinator plants. See link below. Perhaps you have some of these native plants and want to consider leaving them for the bees.
Thanks for your nice follow-up.