Growing ferns inside

Asked August 29, 2016, 12:28 PM EDT

From Grand Forks, ND.
Someone asked me about overwintering their ferns in a heated garage. They have been trying to do this and every year they die. I asked the temperature in the garage and she thought around 50 degrees. I know they need humidity. What would be something to try for this year? Thank you.

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Ferns like humid environments so misting them at least twice per week should help. They also like a bit warmer temperature than 50 degrees, 60 - 65 would be better. Also light is important, bright diffused light will help keep them growing enough that they should be in good shape to take back outside next spring.

As an alternate plan, the ferns could be allowed to go dormant in which case they would not need much for light and the temperature should be around 50 degrees plus or minus. The plants should still be watered about once per month.

If you allowed them to go dormant will they loose all their fronds? If so, then do you just start watering in the spring? Thank you.

If these are Boston Ferns it's best not to let them completely dry out since the fronds will brown and die. If this happens, water the ferns and they will come back.

Deciduous ferns will naturally lose their fronds and come back the following year with new foliage.