What are these caterpillars dropping from my tree?

Asked August 29, 2016, 11:35 AM EDT

There are small caterpillars (less than 1 inch) that are dropping from single webs from my shademaster honeylocust to my back yard. They leave webs all over the place and make small cocoons on everything (hundreds of cocoons). Much of my honeylocust leaves are dying. I had this problem in the past, but this year is much worse. How can I control these insects and when is the best time to spray for them to prevent this from happening next year. See Pictures Thanks for you help! John

Jessamine County Kentucky

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Your picture looks like A webworm. They build nests this time of year and as they mature they move to another location to spin a cocoon and pupate.

They will come out as a. Whitish color moth.

Spraying with most available insecticides labeled for ornamentals, such as sevin, malathion and others when you first notice the webs can help prevent damage to trees.