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Asked August 29, 2016, 10:16 AM EDT

Should I use a starter fertilizer on my lawn this fall? I plan on reseeding/overseeding my lawn in a couple weeks. I had a soil test done (medium phosphate, high everything else) and purchased some high quality seed. I will use a slice seeder.

Jefferson County Kentucky

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You are correct, when reseeding grass the only fertilizer you want to use right before or after seeding would be a starter fertilizer. In your case you know to choose a starter fertilizer that does not have any potassium, if you can find one. Potassium is difficult to get out of the soil so you want to avoid using any if at all possible.

It may be easier to find a winter/fall fertilizer with very low or no potassium. If you use that, then apply the winter/fall fertilizer after the seedling grasses have grown enough to have been mowed at least once.

UK has a new and updated publication on fertilizing lawns, check it out here:

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