What is this tree?

Asked August 27, 2016, 4:35 PM EDT

Very fast growing , shallow roots, popping up along fences.

Union County Ohio

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From this picture it is difficult to narrow down what this is. It would be helpful if you could pick off one of the leaves and put lay it on a white background and take a picture of just the leaf. Also, in the picture it looks like the branch is either very thin or it's more of a vine. Is there bark? If you could get me this information I think I would be better able to make an identification for you.

Thank you!

Yes it has bark, some of leaves have started to turn yellow.

I believe this is a white mulberry which is generally considered a weed. The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Studies has a great Ohio Perennial and Biennial Weed Guide that includes a page on the White Mulberry with pictures, a description and history. Click here to access that page: http://www.oardc.ohio-state.edu/weedguide/single_weed.php?id=77

After reviewing this page, if you think this is not what you have in your yard, please email me back and I'll keep working to figure this out for you!

Enjoy the long holiday weekend!

Yes, I do believe that it is a White Mulberry. Thank you