New submersible well pump

Asked August 27, 2016, 11:10 AM EDT

How long do you recommend waiting before sending a sample to you for testing? When I run the water for two minutes I still get bursts of very orange water and sediment. I know the water normally has quite a bit of iron, and manganese, I think, so I don't expect it to run very clear. It has been over a month since the pump was installed. I plan to contact the installers next week to see if they know of a possible solution for this problem.

Berks County Pennsylvania

1 Response

IF the pump has already been in place for over a month, you can certainly go ahead and submit a sample for testing. If the well has a history of high iron and manganese, it is possible that the process of installing a new pump dislodged some of the iron/manganese sediment in the well and deposited it on the bottom of the well. That sediment may become suspended when the pump is running. It should lessen over time or the pump can be raised slightly to try to reduce the suspension of the sediment.