Tree seedlings growing in the Grass

Asked August 27, 2016, 10:56 AM EDT

The last couple years we have been having tree seedlings growing in our grass. Will these new seedlings die out over winter or will they continue to come back each year? Also, how can I prevent these seedlings from sprouting in our yard each year? We just had all new sod put in a couple of years ago too.

Anoka County Minnesota

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If the seedlings are cut off before the first true leaves the tree seedlings will die. Using a lawn weed product also kills them. If they are growing from under ground suckers from a tree the seedlings will pop up until the feeder root is cut off. If a large tree was cut down the seedlings will pop up for a couple of years. As long as the lawn is healthy and thick and kept mowed the grass will out compete the tree seedlings.

What are True leaves? The seedlings that are growing look like elms of some sort. They are not from a tree that was cut down. There are hundreds of them. I have tried using a couple lawn week products but they don't kill them. The leaves that are on the seedlings are about 1/2 inch in diameter or less. I mow the lawn so the grass is three inches high, so that is the height of these seedlings. Will they still die or do I need to pull them all up by hand?

Thank You

True leaves are the 1st leaves that emerge after the cotelydons which are the first green leaf looking
At 3 inches high (good mowing height) the true leaves are present so hand pulling will probably be required. I have the same problem with a maple tree dropping hundreds of seedlings every year.
Soak the ground for a couple of days before you have time to pull trees, use a pliers to pull the tree seedlings. A pair of pliers makes getting a good grip easier.