How to care for an improperly pruned tree?

Asked August 26, 2016, 4:29 PM EDT

Hello, I arrived home from vacation to find that my neighbor decided to take it upon himself to prune a tree on my property without consulting me. I am very concerned about the welfare of the tree as it is only about 8 years old. I would like any advice as to the best course of action to protect the tree and keep it disease free. The pruning occurred on Monday the 22nd, I would also like assistance in identifying what type of tree this is. My wife thinks it may be an oak tree as it does not lose its leaves until spring..

Carver County Minnesota

1 Response

Your tree indeed does look like an oak and, yes, this is not the proper time to prune an oak. That should be done in the winter. The only suggestion I have for you now is to maybe lightly spray the cuts with latex paint to disguise the scent in case the insects carrying Oak Wilt are in the area. If there aren't many oaks where you are, your lone tree probably isn't much of a target. Just give your tree good care and hopefully it will be okay.