to save the pumpkins

Asked August 25, 2016, 2:09 PM EDT

Hi so we had key word had a beautiful pumpkin patch. Yesterday we had a big hail storm. All of are leafs and some of the vines are tore or damaged. We still have pumpkins that are green and failed the nail test. I don't want to lose them. Is it safe to pull them from the vine? What should I do? Thanks so much for your time. Rose from Aztec nm

New Mexico

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Thanks for your question about pumpkins and their hail-damaged plants! This is a problem that has plagued pumpkin growers for years all over the country. Your plants' leaves certainly look damaged, but appear to be at least partially intact to the vines. If they can still photosynthesize (produce sugars for the plant), then they're still be utilized by the gourds. So, I'd recommend leaving them on the vines so they can continue to ripen. Here's an article by Cornell University horticulturalist, who recommends applying a protective fungicide to keep fungus from growing on the fruits.

Good luck!