Buffalo grass weed control

Asked August 25, 2016, 1:58 PM EDT

Is it safe to use Image herbicide ti eliminate sedges, crabgrass and dallasgrass in a buffalograss lawn.

Tulsa County Oklahoma

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"Image" at one time had only imazaquin as it's active ingrediant. Now there are several Image products available with many different chemical ingredients.

Usually the label will state which weeds may be expected to be controlled and which turfgrass on which it is safe to use.

If (and only if) your Image product contains only imazaquin, the label says it may be used on buffalo grass and it is labeled to control nutsedge and crabgrass, but not dallisgrass. My impression is that it is not very effective for crabgrass but is effective of the sedges.
There is a web site which has information about all the pesticides approved for Oklahoma, the weeds they control and turfgrasses to which they may be applied. It is called Kelly Registration system. I have a link below to the imazaquin section and you can navigate to look at the pests and tolerant grasses for which it may be useful.