Beans not flowering

Asked August 23, 2016, 1:43 PM EDT

My friend planted pole beans which are growing very well,(tall, green, good leaves) but have not flowered. They are in an open green house (roof and open sides) with an irrigation drip system. Last year he planted them outside on a cattle panel bent over. Plants grew well, but no flowers. In his greenhouse he has the same soil that I have and my beans are flourishing. .Any suggestions. Thank you, Shirley Nelson MG Crow Wing County

Crow Wing County Minnesota pole beans no flowers horticulture

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The first thing to do is test the soil. Too much nitrogen can stop bean flowering completely.

Secondly, what about sun? They need full sun.

Most unlikely is soil temp. Plastic around the roots could warm up the soil and warm soil is needed. But, with this summer, that is a long shot.

I'd go with too much nitrogen in the soil and advise to get the soil tested.