This is the 4th one in the same spot in a week span. WHAT IS IT?!?!

Asked August 23, 2016, 12:51 PM EDT

I've seen 4 of this same baby snake in the same spot for about a week now, the first one I saw was an adult copper head and I wasn't able to kill it. I've pretty much chocked up the little ones as baby copper heads because they have been crossing in the same spot as the adult. A baby green tree snake also crossed in this spot (the walkway to my house) and I left him be because I know they are harmless. But there had been a total of 6 snakes cross here in the past 2 months. What are these babies? They all look the same as this one. Before I killed this one is looked like it has a disign on its body but when I cut in in half the lower have of the body seemed to loose it's disign. And it was a very very feisty little guy before I ever touched it. body drawn back, togune flicking and striking.

Camden County Missouri

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This is an adult Dekay's Brownsnake (Storeria dekayi), a harmless species of snake that eats slugs and earthworms. A baby Copperhead would have a bright yellow-green tail.

This snake was only maybe 3 inches long, that's an adult?

Yep, they're very small snakes. Adults usually measure less than 12 inches in total length (including the tail). They give birth to live young.

Also keep in mind that, if this had been a venomous snake, the most dangerous thing you could have done is to kill it. That's when most snakebites happen. The safest thing to do when you see any snake, even a venomous snake, is to leave it alone.

For future reference, you can always post pictures of snakes here for ID, or use the Snake Identification group on Facebook:

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