drift roses dying

Asked August 23, 2016, 10:31 AM EDT

We have been away for several months and on our return found our drift roses in poor condition. They are spindly and have dense clumps of smaller then normal blossoms. Some of the clumps are dried and a brown/black color. There are no visible parasites on the plants.

Any ideas?

Johnston County North Carolina

1 Response

There could be a number of things occurring, first if you are in Johnston County NC they could be suffering from lack of rain and the heat this summer. Secondly there are some diseases that can cause issue on roses typically rose rosette disease is one of the more prevalent disease we can see in this area. And last I would check for vole activity around the roots of the plants, many times plants suffer from vole damage and we see nothing visible that could be causing plant issue. Dig around the root area and push your finger into the soil in different areas around the root zone, if you feel open tunnel like areas this could be voles, which feed on the roots of plants and are known to feed on rose bush roots. If possible send a few pictures of what your roses look like this could help in pinning down the issue.