Varied Carpet Beetle

Asked August 22, 2016, 10:44 PM EDT

Over the past few weeks, I have found mature carpet beetles (at a rate of about 2/day, but sometimes as many as 4/day). I have found them ONLY on one particular windowsill in my kitchen. I have yet to determine the source of the infestation. My question is this: how far will the adults typically "venture" inside the house? My house is a somewhat large 1960s style ranch in Southern California. I am a fairly fastidious housekeeper and and frustrated that I can't spot the larvae casts. Can the location of the adults help to narrow down the infestation? Any other tips you could offer? I had my wool and silk rugs cleaned in July.

Los Angeles County California

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The link above takes you to some good info on carpet beetles from UC. there are lots of places larvae may be feeding other than carpets: stuffed animals, wool clothing or blankets, just to name a few. Larvae are typically going to feed in dark, secluded places- so start by looking for appropriate items that might have small "dust" particles below- This will be the fecal matter of the larvae. For instance, if you found the "dust" on a closet floor, and there was an old wool jacket above the dust on the floor.
Adults are drawn to sunlight - they are searching for pollen and nectar. They are going to head to the closest window- so start your search in dark, less used spaces close to that window. Hope you find this helpful, Nicole

Thank you. :)

my pleasure and good luck!