little early brussel sprouts

Asked August 22, 2016, 11:55 AM EDT

I planted my brussel sprouts in early spring. they are now four foot high, and I just pinched the tops off, because my frame is only four feet high, and completely wrapped in bridal veil for bug protection. I didn't want to pinch the tops this early, but I have a plant or two that has quite a few mature brussels on them. My question is: do you think at this point ,I can wait till a couple of frosts hit them, or do you think by pinching the tops on August 20th, it will create a much quicker crop, and if so, what should I have done. I didn't want them to get much higher than four feet. also, is it really true that if I cut the plant flush at the end of the season, it will regrow next year again. Thank you, and my name is Mark Isett

Berks County Pennsylvania

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You can start harvesting any time but most people like the sweeter flavor you get after a frost. Pitching the tops at this time of year is not ideal but I understand your height restraint issue. The pinching will result in earlier maturity but hopefully your plants will stay healthy until frost. Next summer you can avoid this problem by waiting to plant your transplants until around June 20 to June 30. You still may have to extend the height of your frame but the maturity will work out much better.

I have never seen Brussels sprouts over winter in Central Pennsylvania but I suppose it is possible in Southern Pennsylvania if we have a mild winter.