Beginner fall garden

Asked August 22, 2016, 10:42 AM EDT

We are complete beginners and would like to start a very small organic (preferably container or raised bed) garden this fall. We do not have full sun anywhere in our yard. We do have areas of partial sun. We also have wildlife in the area (rabbits and deer). We need maybe three crop ideas that won't be too difficult from which we might be able to get a 'win' that will encourage us to continue gardening. What would you suggest for our area, and when should we plant? Thank you so much for your help!

Brazos County Texas

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We are always happy to help folks get started growing vegetables. It is a rewarding endeavor with so many benefits. Starting small is a very good idea. If you have containers or even some open, sunny spots in landscaped beds - these are good for beginners. For containers, fill with a mix of 2/3 purchased potting mix and 1/3 finished compost. Mix the 2 before adding to the container. Good news is that cool season crops typically require a little less sun that the warm season crops. Some of the easier crops to grow this time of year are the leafy greens - Swiss chard, turnip, lettuce. Also, carrot and planted in February potatoes.
For a Brazos County planting calendar and variety list - visit our website at this address:

You are welcome to visit our demonstration garden to observe our veggie garden demonstration. All are grown in different types of raised beds. the garden is open to the public at no charge during daylight hours at 2619 Hwy. 21 West in Bryan.

Thank you so much for your kind and very helpful response!

you are most welcome. good luck,