Eggplant bud falling

Asked August 22, 2016, 9:17 AM EDT

Hello I stay in chennai (India). I have a terrace garden and I have grown some eggplants in growing bags. The buds blooms n then falls off, I didn't get a single vegetable growing. Temperature : Day high 36 degree , Night low 27 Degree Soil : 50% soil, 50% coco peat, Vermicompost and cow dung Sunlight : Full

Outside United States

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Eggplant can fail to fruit if the plant is water stressed or environmental conditions hinder pollination. The high coco peat mix, should have good water retention, but perhaps in the heat they have dried out from time to time? That would cause bud drop. If conditions have been excessive hot or humid, that can interfere with the ability of the pollen to be released and moved by wind. If the flowers are not pollinated, they will subsequently drop off.

Hello, thanks for your reply. I guess u were right I did feed my plants with a lot of dried cow dung ( as I get I for free :) ). I just stopped fertelizering them for 20 days n guess what every plant has around 10 fruits (I have 20 plants ). Thank u again.

I have sea weed tonic . how do I use it? Do I need to provide cow dung again?

2nd Question. Am growing chillies , problem is that it catches a lot of flowers but all wither away, moreover the new leaves r crooked .
Please help

The chillies are in the same family (Solanacae) as the eggplant, so similar growing conditions will effect bud drop etc. The crooked leaves could also be symptom of insect or viral damage, but it's a pretty general condition, so no way of saying for certain from this distance. I would suggest amending the growing conditions similar to what you've done for the eggplant and see if that helps.