Ant control on house plants

Asked August 21, 2016, 10:09 PM EDT

I have an ant infestation on a couple of my household plants, presently outside on my deck Can you recommend a home household spray concoction that would eliminate the ants from the plants? Thank you for your advice. --

Frederick County Maryland

2 Responses

A good heavy watering can wash out a lot of your ants, but they may be nesting and tending larval ants within the soil and root area of your plants.
Short of soil disruption and re-potting, we'd suggest getting a gel-type ant bait like the one Terro makes, with the active ingredient boric acid and placing it close by the draining hole or wherever you see them coming and going.
They should be left alone while they feed on the bait, which they will take into the pot and feed others. It acts over a few days to kill the whole colony.


Thank you for your answer to my ant infestation question!