nasty voles

Asked August 21, 2016, 6:33 PM EDT

I have a very nice lawn, however, I have a vole problem. I've tried smoke, poison and flooding, however, nothing works. In the winter, after there is a cover of snow on the lawn, they run around and make tracks which are difficult to fill in in the spring and summer.

If I were to fertilize well and then just before an impending snow storm cut the grass quite short, would the lack of cover possibly send them away? It is a local problem here in Driggs and the whole valley. I have another animal which digs up piles of earth and only once was I able to locate his hole...and may have flooded it.

Teton County Idaho wildlife damage management voles

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Depending on the size of your lawn, I recommend covered snap traps. Voles are easily captured (killed) when these traps are properly set. However, here is more information on vole control: