Black spots on my pears?

Asked August 21, 2016, 3:56 PM EDT

I have black spots on my pears, you cant wipe them off, not scabby or rough and meat under skin in normal. What is this and what is treatment for it? The tree is full of leaves and some have spots on them. As you can see if pictures. Please advise

Lincoln County Minnesota

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Thank you for the question. Your pear tree may have pear scab, a fungus that overwinters in infected leaves below the tree and in the spring spores are released to infect young leaves. These leaf infections then produce spores that infect fruit and other leaves and the cycle continues all summer when warm wet weather occurs. As you note, the lesions do not prevent consumption of the fruit. Just peel and eat unless the infection gets so bad that the fruit cracks or becomes misshapen and secondary rot organisms destroy it. Apple scab is very similar and the treatment options for apple will work for pear.
It is too late to prevent new infections this year but follow the guidelines for apple scab management here to decide what to do this fall and next spring:
Be aware that although the same fungicides for apple scab should be effective against pear scab, the pesticide label would have to specify for use on 'pear' or you cannot use it.
In short, treat this fall and next spring with fungicides labeled for "pears" for scab. Also be sure to rake and clean up fall leaves and fruit to reduce habitat for the fungal spores (a good overall practice for garden care).

Thank you for contacting Extension.