heat damaged flowering cherry tree

Asked August 21, 2016, 1:41 PM EDT

The leaves on the upper branches of my recently-planted flowering cherry tree were damaged by the 100-degree day we had this week on the north Oregon coast. The branches look OK, though.

Should I trim off those branches? Or should I leave them on and look for new leaves to sprout?


Clatsop County Oregon

1 Response

Before you do any pruning scrape the branches with your fingernail or make a shallow cut just under the bark with a pocketknife. Live branches are bright green or white just beneath the bark, dead branches are brown. If the branches are unharmed do not prune. Wait until spring for the new growth. If you find dead branches now, prune them back to live tissue.

The normal pruning time for your flowering cherry is late spring or early summer; after blooming.