Planting grass seed in existing periwinkle with weeds and grass

Asked August 20, 2016, 11:59 PM EDT

I wrote earlier re our two year old periwinkle that came in thick in its second year, but this summer was overcome with weeds. However, a professional (one of your graduates) told me today that much of what I thought were weeds is actually grass growing up with the periwinkle (and weeds). I finally just mowed the growths down and was planning to try again with new sod. My question: If in fact the periwinkle has been joined with some weeds (I understand they are worse this year) and grass (from top soil used by periwinkle installers?) might I heavily re-seed the area with fescue grass seed and anticipate the grass might dominate the periwinkle, weeds and old grass. I could then spray a Weed-be-gone after seeing new grass, that I presume would kill both the weeds (and the periwinkle) but leave the grass intact. We also have much more sun for the grass this summer, after removing two large Cypress trees. Is it worth a try? If so, any recommendations on the type of fescue to use? As always, thank you for this excellent service you provide the community.

Montgomery County Maryland

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If you want to successfully establish grass, then you should kill the existing periwinkle, weeds, some grass and start from scratch. This is lawn renovation and Now is a good time to do this.
If you have full sun to part shade, then plant turf type tall fescue. You could plant a blend of three or more cultivars of the same species. This increases the diversity of your lawn. If you have less than 4 hours of sun, plant a fine fescue. See our publication for step by step information on lawn renovation. See our publication on turfgrass recommendations