Cooking white rice @ 9,000 feet

Asked August 20, 2016, 9:16 PM EDT

I'm from Southwest Louisiana, elevation 17 feet. While at our Colorado cabin @ 9,000 feet I love to make Gumbo but just don't have the proper recipe for rice. My Louisiana rice recipe is 1-1/2 cups raw rice and 2-1/3 cups water with 1 tsp salt and a bit of Crisco and cook stove top in heavy pot for 20 minutes on simmer after all comes to a boil. I've tried more liquid and longer cooking time but it still comes out a mushy mess... please help. Sharon from Louisiana

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That is a tough one. I am afraid there are no definite answers, and you will have to use the trial and error method to find a way that works for you. One source I found says to increase the water by 15-20% and cook it a few extra minutes which it looks like you tried. Another source says that adding salt and stirring while cooking may make your rice to split causing it to be mushy.

You could try cooking your rice a different way. The link below has 11 different way you can try to cook rice. Hopefully one of them will work for you.