compost mulch

Asked August 20, 2016, 1:48 PM EDT

I have access to a deal of dried fruit. I am thinking it would be ideal for mulch. Seeing as it retains water similiar to wood chip but is higher in nitrogen. Can you tell if their is any concerns to doing this?

Lane County Oregon

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Dried fruit as mulch will be high in sugars. You may be attracting ants, yellow jackets and the like, squirrels and their friends and definitely lots of rodents. If you could actually compost it and let them all raid the compost pile until the sugars are much used up, you would have a compost which would not be attractive to them, but definitely nice for the plants.

I understand that freshly dried fruit is high in sugar. Though the sugar, being highly water soluble, should be washed away with irragation. Is this a false assumption? If it is not will the sweet run off be like wise problamatic?

The sugars are mostly bound carbohydrates, not like table sugar. Carbohydrates are very tasty to bacteria in particular, good ones and the others. They are also tasty to the animals I mentioned. Yes, the carbohydrates will probably be the first to be digested, but I still suggest composting if feasible for you. When the fruits get rehydrated, they will start to mold, of course.