How to kill whiteflies (?) from Euonymous bushes

Asked August 20, 2016, 11:36 AM EDT

Euonymous bushes, approx 12 years old Problem noted early spring 2016 Internal part of plant, plus many leaves Symptoms finally getting better but not solved Mostly full sun (bushes line up east-west axis with mostly full southern exposure) Soil was mulched in the past, now leaf under debris Pesticides used with some success: liquid permethrine (1x / week, 3 weeks) and horticultural oil, inside/outside bushes (1x /week, 3 weeks) I can't seem to deliver a killing blow to these blasted whiteflies. Is this what I'm up against? How to fully eradicate? Backside and inside of bushes look nearly gutted. See pix for sample damage.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Based on your photos the insect looks like a scale insect, euonymus scale. This scale sucks cell contents in leaves and bark. See our website for photos and control