strawberry weed control

Asked August 20, 2016, 11:06 AM EDT

With all the rain, crab grass is almost been impossible to keep out of my new strawberry patch. Is there any type of spray that can be used that will kill grass, but not berry plants. I need a product that can be used without a commercial license

Spencer County Kentucky

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Hello. Here are links to 2 of our publications on strawberry and fruit production.

This one is on general strawberry production.

This one is for general fruit production, but on a larger scale. If you will go to page 160, it will list the herbicides that you can use. You can use glyphosate (it kills everything it touches) without a commercial license. It is more commonly known as Round-Up, but there are several generic versions of glyphosate on the market. Use caution if you use this as it will kill the plants as well. You'll need to use a barrier as you spray it.

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