Asked August 19, 2016, 5:13 PM EDT

Hi. My Leylands were infested by what I believe were bagworms. I only found 2 bags which were empty. It's now August 19 and I guess the devastation for this year is over. However, I attached a picture of a Silver spotted skipper, which they seem to be attracted to the Leylands. Can the larvae of this moth create havoc on Leyland cypress? In all the years of having beautiful Leylands I have never seen this moth until this year, coincidence? Thank you

Baltimore County Maryland

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The skipper is not causing harm to your leyland cypress. This is a coincidence.

Remove any bagworms within reach and drop into a bucket of soapy water.
Next season you will have to monitor and If you cannot handpick or multiple trees are involved, you will have to spray. A biological control, Bacillus thuringiensis, often called Bt, is a type of bacteria that only kills certain insects and does not affect humans or animals. Bt must be applied between mid-June and mid-July because it works well only on young bagworms. If your trees are too large to spray, contact a certified arborist as they have the materials to do the job. See our website for more information on bagworms


Thank you. What commercial products contain BT?

Hi. I found Bt products by using Google. Just one more questions: control of leaf Miner? BT, also?


There are several types of leafminers. You need to identify the host plant and the pest before a control can be recommended. It is also possible that no control may be necessary. More information is needed before we can make recommendations.