do expert in multiple technologies have future?

Asked August 19, 2016, 12:48 AM EDT

I am working as a software engineer and familiar with almost multiple technologies due to my designation so i am on the view that pakistan is under developing country so they do not know actually what does it mean to be expert in multiple technologies. their industry here say must be expert in 1 tool like you own suppose .net .I am not worried as i have more then 3 years experiance in .net but my question is that i am familiar with many other technologies at the same time like
pyhon , android , java , c++ , vhdl , linux , c# , vba , , php , wordpress etc so do i more bright have future at UAE or europe

Outside United States

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One suggestion is to consider taking a standardized test to certify your computer skills. There are several testing agencies online that do this, but you need to look for test firms that will certify you for the particular skills you wish to promote yourself with. An example of this is:

Good luck in your career search.