Soil problems

Asked August 18, 2016, 7:04 PM EDT

How do I test my soil so my garden will grow better. I am having trouble raising my corn most of all and I have a lot of blight on my tomatoes and zucchini and squash. My beans aren't growing as good as they use to.

Pike County Kentucky

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To do a soil test--
1. randomly take small 5" slices of soil with a shovel.
2. Mix the slices in a plastic bucket.
3. Bring approximately a small baggie(less than a pint) full of soil to the Pike County Extension Office at 148 Trivette Drive, Pikeville, Kentucky 41501. 606-432-2534.
This may surprise you but part of Pike County soils test as traditional mountain soils and parts test very similar to the Bluegrass. Only way to tell is to bring in a sample. I do a limited # of tests free for residents of the county. I have found that in a lot of the gardens that have been in place for years are starting to see problems from to much fertilizer instead of too little. Also quite a few organisms live in the soil. This is why you need to rotate your vegetables from one area to another each year. If you will come in or give me a mailing address, can send you the latest recommendations on vegetable gardening.