Asked August 18, 2016, 6:38 PM EDT

Hello! I have a couple questions regarding slugs... I never had slugs in my garden until this summer. I recently pulled out clusters of overgrown hastas from my yard and replaced them with a pollinator friendly garden - I was so happy with my new plants until I started seeing these slimy little slugs everywhere! After doing some reading about slugs I was able to determine that the source of the pests is a bag of soil I recently purchased. I used a small amount of the soil in the new garden and upon inspecting the bag I can see lots of slug eggs in there (sadly, I didn't know what they looked like when I initially opened the bag). So I have two questions.... 1. Do you have any recommendations for getting the slugs out of my garden without hurting my plants or the pollinators? I have tried several remedies and they do seem to be helping, but I thought you might have other good ideas. I've used crushed eggshells, coffee grounds, garlic, corn meal and beer traps, and grapefruit rinds to attract them away from the plants. ANY helpful ideas are greatly appreciated! 2. Is there anyway to treat or remedy the soil I haven't used, but that I know contains slug eggs? Thank you so much for your time! Amanda

Hennepin County Minnesota

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If the bag is left to cook in the sun or frozen over winter the slug eggs should be killed.
Removing all the hostas may have made the slugs more visible. They are every where. They can be controlled with slug killer available at garden centers, The organic slug killers are safe for pets, kids and bees. I apply it in the spring and late summer to kill the slugs and keep them from overwintering in the soil.