Tordon residuals in relocated soil

Asked August 18, 2016, 5:01 PM EDT

I had some new dirt moved into my yard this spring and I used some to build a raised garden bed. After about 3 weeks of good growth, my broadleaf vegetable plants started to shoot their roots into the unknowingly Tordon contaminated soil. Needless to say everything went south after that. My question is if I tear down the raised garden bed and spread the dirt out to make a larger, nonraised garden bed, can I get away with planting a garden in the area next year?

Hughes County South Dakota

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The Tordon should be totally degraded by next year. It typically last for about a year, so even though your crop went south this season, you should be fine for next year. If you have sprayed the grass with any herbicides that would have a residual longer than a few months or if you use grass clippings next season that have been sprayed with herbicide, you could again see damage to your broad leaved vegetable crops.