Tree struck by lightning

Asked August 18, 2016, 12:54 PM EDT

A few nights ago a huge tulip poplar tree in my back yard was struck by lightning. Many branches fell on my roof, gutters, yard and driveway. Yet, the tree its still standing. My insurance company is not willing to pay to have it taken down. Should it be taken down? I am afraid at some point I will encounter even worse damage.

Baltimore Maryland

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No one can really accurately predict the life expectancy of a tree that was struck by lightning. You could see if the power company might be willing to do anything about the tree. Even if they only take out a few branches, it will be less expensive to have what is left removed. If the tree is in such a position that it could fall on you, your house or your neighbor or his car or his shed, etc, you probably should consider removing it or at least having it assessed by multiple certified arborists. vw