kochia scoparia

Asked August 18, 2016, 8:38 AM EDT

I rec'd an email from Dawn C regarding my question which I cannot find. The link to answered questions does not yield my question after going through 4 pages. Anyway, you responded to my question about why my seeds of Kochia Scoparia - burning bush did not mature after sprouting but stayed small then died. You replied to the needs of burning bush - Euonymus alatus which is an entirely different plant. There may be even more than these two plants called burning bush. Kochia scoparia is a tropical plant as far as I know.
Please try again. I will say we have had so much rain in Sarasota this year that plants under a roof on the patio stay very humid, as these were. However, I am not sure if the seed was good to begin with on the first batch. I bought more from another seller as I really want this plant but got the results mentioned: sprout but no growth after 1/8-1/4". Thank you.

Sarasota County Florida

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Sorry. I did not look at the species names.

After searching a bit, I found that the Kochia scoparia seeds are difficult to store and have difficulty germinating 1 year after they were produced. The seeds should be planted as soon as made by the plant. This makes purchased seeds an unknown variable. As for why the seedlings died, there are so many issues. I would assume from reading, that they (the soil) were too wet. At that stage all seedlings are very susceptible to rot and fungal issues. What happened to the plants? Did they change colors? look like they were droopy, turn black and disappear? have a fuzzy appearance? Without knowing exactly what you are doing to grow the seedlings, it is very difficult to know what happened to the plants.
As a note, this plant is not designed for Florida hot and humid weather. It is most prevalent in dry areas. Once it has been established though, is an invasive plant even here.

Look at the last page of this document for additional information: