Fox tail control

Asked August 17, 2016, 10:03 PM EDT

Have a 5 acre strip of land adjacent to my 20 acre timber that I am attempting to establish in clover for both deer food plot and also start uo hopes of bee keeping. I applied Roundup late April and then seeded the area 2 weeks later with oats and clover. An initial good stand of oats was later choked out by reemerging foxtail. I clipped the area in early August by which time there was densely established fox tail and no evidence of new clover emergence. Would any fall herbicide application be recommended before retrying sowing again next spring? If so, what.? This spring I had sowed the oats and clover after tilling the plot and assume next spring after applying a pre-emergent herbicide or Round up I should drill in the oats and clover to avoid as much soil disruption. Appreciate your input.

Marshall County Iowa

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Assuming there are no/few perennials or winter annuals in the field there would be little benefit to a Roundup/glyphosate application. However, if these plants are present you could make an application in the fall or early spring to make sure you provide a weed-free seedbed for the reseeding. Making the application glyphosate application as close to planting would be best. I think planting the clover with as little soil disturbance as possible would be best. Mowing earlier in the year would be best since the weeds will grow more quickly than the clover, you want to remove the weed canopy to allow sun to reach the clover seedlings and help them get established. After they get going they should be able to hold there own against the weeds.