Birds, Bees, and Trees....

Asked August 17, 2016, 6:34 PM EDT

I am wanting to create a (60W X 52L) backyard simplistic habitat that supplies food, water, and shelter for the local wild birds. At the same time I need to create a privacy barrier of hedges for the back fence. I am looking for hedges that produce berries, are drought tolerate to a degree, and are 6 - 8 ft. tall. I am in Zone 9.

I am not located in St. Louis County ??, I am located in Brazoria County, Texas

Thank you.

St. Louis County Texas

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The shrub that fits your requirements the best is Southern Wax Myrtle. However, if you desire berries on it, you will need to purchase male and female plants. Otherwise, the plants will be berry-less. Male plants may be difficult to find. Search here: for a nursery that would be more likely to have the male plants.

Yaupons would be a good second choice. But you will need to get male and female plants. Ilex x ‘Nellie R. Stevens’ hollies are reported to not need male plants to produce berries, but I am unsure about this. These plants are reported to get big.

A third choice is Viburnum odoratissimum, aka Sweet Viburnum. It has nice flowers, makes a good clipped hedge, though it gets tall, and it produces berries. Information regarding if birds are attracted to the berries is conflicting; some sources say that they are attracted, others say that they are not. Plants may be difficult to find, though other viburnums may be more common. It is drought tolerant. It may have thorns.