Sudden Oak Death

Asked August 17, 2016, 11:57 AM EDT

If you suspect that a tree may be presenting symptoms of the fungus attack that leads to the tree's death is treatment too late? And if not, are there any self help treatments?

Chesterfield County Virginia

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Sudden Oak Death caused by phytopthora ramorum has not yet been widespread in Virginia. The couple of known detections around nurseries in VA and MD have been eradicated (it is thought)

However there are MANY fungal diseases that impact oaks:
Here are a couple good "compendiums" on known or typical oak tree problems/diseases:

If the fungal pathogen is introduced into the twigs near the tops of the tree (i.e., Dutch Elm Disease, Thousand Cankers Disease in walnut, fire blight in callery pear), then potentially those branches can be IDed and pruned to keep the fungus from creeping back down the tree)

If they are introduced lower into the tree (i.e. by a bark beetle attack or borer) and the fungus begins to clog the xylem (water carrying cells), then there is typically little to nothing that can be done. Arborjet offers some ??? injection treatments for EXTREMELY VALUABLE specimens and very specific tree pathogens.

Hope that helps

Here's another great diagnosis resource for oaks

just remember not every disease is present in VA