Agression, Playing, or both?

Asked August 17, 2016, 2:14 AM EDT

My Bun is a spayed female about 10 months old.
She is very lovable and playful but of course has her own little attitude.
everything i've read says that your bunny plays in a rather obviously sweet/ funny way and any pouncing rough play behavior is automatically assumed to be aggression.
Is it not possible that there is a happy medium between submission and aggression?
I open her pin, pet her, kiss her, she kisses back and then we play. Ill get on my hands and knees and pat my hands on the ground in front of me.. She lunges and pounces (never biting), runs backward and then pounces forward again. I know most would assume she is anxious or telling me to "knock it off" but I've seen her scared and this isn't the case , I can immediately reach for her and she lets me love on her and she does the same to me.. Am I wrong in thinking that she is in fact being playful? Every other Bunny thread I've read suggests otherwise.

Cabell County West Virginia

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If she has not shown signs of aggression, like ears laid back, trying to bite (not playful or affectionate licking), growling, lunging at you in attack mode, aggressive thumping, etc. you are safe to assume your rabbit is affectionate and playful. I have had several pet rabbits, some spayed and some not, and I definitely knew if/when they became aggressive. My unspayed does would be aggressive when in heat. I had one spayed doe that started out playful but would aggressively attack and bite to the point I couldn't trust her.