Poison ivy

Asked August 17, 2016, 12:20 AM EDT

I got poison ivy on a bunch of my work clothes so I just washed the exposed and unexposed work clothes in the same load. My question is, after washing my poison ivy exposed clothes in the machine, can I go back to washing normally or do I have to clean the washing machine to get rid of any left over poison ivy particles?

Sangamon County Illinois

1 Response

I would recommend running the washer empty to wash it out. Use the highest setting, with the hottest water. Add a full measure of laundry detergent. Run the machine empty. After that, it should be fine.

In the future, clothing that is contaminated with poison ivy sap, or pesticides, should be washed separately from the rest of the family laundry. Then, follow the cleaning procedure above before washing any other laundry.