Peach tree diseases

Asked August 16, 2016, 4:53 PM EDT

I have two peach trees, one seems to be ok, had a 6 successful peaches this year. The other, a taller version had tons of starter peaches, all much have gotten rot and oriental fruit moth. All were destroyed. The question I have is, the tree is now oozing clear and amber gel out of every orifice, the base, each limb, even new growith. Should I cut this tree down so it doesn't destroy the good one?

Madison County Indiana

3 Responses

Sounds like you have lesser peach tree borer. It also sounds like you don't use a spray program. Six peaches does not sound like a success story.

Thank you for the information, I get that 6 was not a success story but it was the first time getting any. I will start the spraying.